How to configure Webhook in Freshdesk

Webhook-A webhook is a 'callback' to an application or web service that is triggered when a specific event occurs; essentially, a webhook lets you look for a specific update, change, or action and, once it occurs, it automatically pushes the information you specify wherever you want.

Steps to configure ‘Webhook’ in ‘Freshdesk’

Step1: Login to the Freshdesk accountà click on Settings àchoose ‘Automation'.

Step 2: Click on ‘New rule’.

Step 3:Enter the rule name and the condition.

Step 4:Fill in the details under the ‘Perform these actions:’

1. Action is to trigger webhook.

2. The request type is ‘POST’ as POST Requests usually create new resources. 

3. URL-

The sample code is to reflect the changes made in the Freshdesk tickets to the ‘freshdesk_aws_tickets’ table in the Success4 QA instance. Here specifying the required fields is to populate the values in the corresponding table.

Step-5: Click on ‘Preview and save’.

Step-6:  After clicking on ‘Save and enable’, the rule gets saved.
Thus webhook is configured in Freshdesk.

Whenever a new ticket is created in Freshdesk, it creates an entry in the target table.

Here, A new ticket with the subject ‘webhook testing ticket’ is created.

The corresponding entry is made in the target table in the Success4 instance.

Now, the ticket is updated. The ‘Priority’ is changed from ‘Medium’ to ‘High’.

The update gets reflected instantly in the table is success4 instance.

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