Step 1: In CSM Portal -->click Accounts Dashboard.

Step 2: Select Particular account-->Choose the Playbook tab.

Step 3: Choose any particular playbook.

Edit-Can add /change details of the action created.

Skip-Can skip the action if required.If the playbook has skipped and completed actions, then the playbook will be considered as a closed Playbook with 100% action complete.

Assign Action-Can assign the action to any user.

Remind Action-Helps to set the reminder. Usually, an email will be triggered to the CSM of the account to which the playbook is linked.

Step 4:

Upload Asset-Can able to upload the asset.

New Note: Can add any number of notes.

Step 5:

All dates-Helps to filter the date and list of Playbooks.

Open Playbooks- Helps to list the Open/closed Playbook.

Step 6: In Assign Playbook-->Select Playbook name and Priority-->Click Save.

Step 7: In Create Playbook-->Enter the required fields-->Click Save.

Note: If needed we can create another action by clicking the Create another action checkbox.

Here are the videos for the Account specific Playbook feature and the Global Playbook feature.

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