Creating Success Plan and adding Action

Step-1:In the CSM end --> Choose the account from the Account dashboard.

Step-2:Navigate to the success Plan tab --> Click on ‘New Plan’.

Step-3:Fill the required details fields and click on Add Objective.

There are two types of objective

System Objective: The objective is measured using a system KPI. A target is Fixed.

Milestone Objective: Milestone and Target values are fixed.

Use the Delete Icon to delete the objective.

Publish Plan and Click save Plan.

Note:The draft does not show the progress made in the Success Plan.

Step-4: Use the Edit icon to edit the success Plan.

Click on Add Action.

Enter the required fields--> Click Save to add action to the success plan.

An Action has various options  such as 

Mark action Complete-To complete an action.

Edit Action -Can add /change details of the action created.

Skip Action-Can skip the action if required. If the playbook has skipped and completed actions, then the playbook will be considered as a closed Playbook with 100% action complete.

Assign Action-Can assign the action to any user.

Remind Action-Helps to set the reminder. An email will be triggered to the specified email id a day before the action due date /on the due date /a day after the due date depending on the option selected.

The Delete Icon can be used to delete the Success Plan.

The Drop Down can be used to view the entire success plan 

And objectives can be marked as complete.

After marking as complete, the progress gets updated in the Success Plan.

Here is a short video walkthrough for the Success plan.

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