Employee Onboarding

Sign in to Success4-->navigate to the employee onboarding dashboard

Step-1: Waiting to be Onboarded

Once a candidate accepts the offer, you need to add his/her details in the Employee Onboarding Page by clicking on the Add Employee Option on the top.

Fill in the employee details and the fields with * mark (is a required field) cannot be empty. Once you enter the details, click on the submit button and that person will be moved to the “Waiting to be Onboarded”  section.

Step-2:   In Progress Onboarding Candidates

To initiate the candidate’s onboarding process, you must click on the Initiate onboarding   button next to the candidate’s name.

This will move the person from “Waiting to be Onboarded” tab to

“In Progress Onboarding Candidates” section.

Here For every Employee, it will show the employee details and also the Tasks checklist (onboarding checklist) when you expand for that particular person by clicking on double down arrow button provided left to the person's name.

You will be able to edit the details and also assign tasks to respective HR’s . After that when you click on Approve candidate  Onboard  button right above the check list, it will send a notification mail to KETA , IT, and Finance Teams and also an approval mail to the finance team.

Up on the finance team’s Approval, it will send the follow-up mail to the Account Manager for that particular candidate. When the Account Manager Approves, the candidate’s status will be changed to onboarded and he/she will be moved to the “Onboarded Candidates” section.  

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