HubSpot Integration

Step 1: Click on the Admin Portal from the top right-corner drop-down.

Step 2: Click on the Data Module.

Step 3: Click on the Data Feeds button.

Step 4: Select New Data Feed

Step 5: Feed Info

Enter the Display Name (required),  Description, and click Next.

Step 6:Select Source

Enter the Rest API URL, Key, Value , and click on Verify.

The Fetched Data will be displayed. Click on the ‘Next’.

Step 7:Select Destination

Select the desired table in which the fetched data has to be stored and click next.

Prerequisite: The table should be already created in the structure of the data fetched using the Rest API.   

Step 7:Map Data

The data from the hotspot data feed(source) has to be mapped with the destination table(here: hubspot companies) selected in the previous step.

Choose the Merge strategy from Full Reload, Upsert(Update and Insert), and Insert Only options.

If the Source column is not the same as the destination column, use the drop-down to choose from the list of columns.

And click Next

Step 7: Schedule

Schedule the data  feed to run by choosing from the drop-down option and clicking Finish.This would create the feed to run automatically as scheduled.

The created data feed appears in the Data Feed section of Data Management.

To manually run the data feed use the Run feed option.

The data gets populated in the table linked to the feed. Here, it is Hubspot companies(present in Data Management).

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