Support Ticket

Step-1: Click on the Support module from the top right corner drop-down.

Step-2: Click the Open Ticket Form in the right corner.

Step -3: Enter all the required fields in the Create Ticket form. Choose File option can be used to attach a screenshot of the issue or any document regarding the issue.

Step-4:On clicking Create Ticket, the ticket gets created successfully

After creating the ticket successfully, an email will be sent to the support team with all the filled-in ticket details.

Here in this table, you can see the details of the ticket created.

Later, this record displays any updates received from S4 Support, reflecting the changes made.

Within this table, you'll find a Filter option situated in the right corner, facilitating the ability to display specific records according to your requirements.

This support feature can be accessed from the csm page/ Admin page and have the same functionality.

Note: Any ticket created by one user is visible to all the users in that success4 instance.

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