PowerBi Integration

App Registration

  1. Login to Azure Portal - https://portal.azure.com/ )
  2. "- In the Azure AD section, go to "App registrations" and click on "New registration."

App Registration Configuration :

1.Set the Redirect URL to : ‘https://joveo.success4.us/v1/api/data-feed/oauth/'

Note : While creating the client secret, select an expiry date, and be aware that you need

to renew it before it expires for continuous data feed operations.

API Permissions:

1.Under the "Manage" section, click on "API permissions.6

2.Select "Add a permission" and choose the Power BI service3

3.Under delegated permissions, select "Dataset.Read.All" and “Report.Read.All” and

add the permission.

Obtain Important Information:

1.In the Overview of your app Click on endpoints to find the “Authorization URL” and

“Token URLV

2.Client ID

3.Client Secret

4.Email ID associated with the account.

Integration in S4 instance:

In Joveo S4 instance we are gonna use these detials to create the datafeed.

Data can be see here.

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