4a. How to create a Playbook, add action/actions, and order actions?

Step-1: Click on the Admin portal from the top right corner drop-down.

Step-2:Click on the Action module -->select Playbook.

Step-3: Click on the new playbook, enter the required details, and save.

The playbook gets added successfully.

Step-4: Initially, the created playbook has no actions assigned.

Step-5: Click on the add action option.

Step-6: Enter the required information and save. The action gets created for the playbook.

Note: The user can create multiple actions for a single playbook using add action option for that particular playbook.

Step-7: When more than one action is created, drag and arrange the actions in the desired order.

Step-8: The actions are rearranged in the desired order. Now click save the order.

The order of action has been changed.

Note: we can assign the playbooks created in the Admin portal to accounts through the CSM portal.

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