Salesforce Data Feed Integration

Success4 Salesforce Data feed integration

The Salesforce data feed integration requires Salesforce instance credentials and a security key to connect to the available data objects and fetch the data. 

Once the connection is verified, you can fetch the object and look at the internal structure of the object and pick and choose the fields you would need from the object, and select a destination table (the destination table would need to be created with the desired structure beforehand from the "Data" menu on the Admin side) where the data to be mapped and loaded. 

After choosing the destination table, you can choose to preview the data and load it appropriately. And from here you can preview the source and destination.

Once the mapping of data is done, the next step is to schedule the automation scheduler so the data will be automatically loaded from now on depending on the schedule set.

Here's a short video walkthrough of the flow:

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