2c. How to add Sub Teams ?

Team Hierarchy


All the teams that are to be added to the hierarchy should have been already created.
Please refer to the below link to know about team creation, adding members to the team, and adding accounts to the team.


We are making use of the following teams, their members, and accounts :

Teams Members Accounts
Level-1  User1 Test, User2 Test Google
Level-2 User3 Test, User4 Test Tesla
Level-3a User5 Test, User6 Test Twitter
Level-3b User7 Test, User8 Test Oracle

Adding Sub Teams

Step 1:Choose a parent team-->click on the drop-down-->Navigate to the ‘Sub Teams’ tab

Here, our parent team is Level-1

Step-2:Select ‘Add Sub Teams’

Step-3:Choose the team/teams to be added as a sub team.

Here, Level-2 is added as a sub team for Level-1

Step-4:Now navigate to the Accounts tab. Sub team’s account gets inherited by the parent team.

Here, the Level-2 team’s account ‘Tesla’ is inherited by the Level-1 team.

Similarly, following Step1 through step-3, Level-3a, and Level-3b can be assigned as sub teams to team Level-2.

Level-2 has inherited the accounts Twitter and Oracle from its Sub teams.

Now, Level-1 has inherited the accounts Oracle and Twitter through its sub team Level-2.

Note 1: Accounts are only inherited from sub team/sub teams to the parent team and not the users.

Teams Sub Teams Members Accounts
Level-1  Level-2 User1 Test, User2 Test Google, Tesla, Twitter, Oracle
Level-2 Level-3a, Level-3b User3 Test, User4 Test Tesla, Twitter, Oracle
Level-3a NA User5 Test, User6 Test Twitter
Level-3b NA User7 Test, User8 Test Oracle

Note 2:Accounts inherited from the sub teams can not be removed through the ‘Team management’.Account management should be made use of. 

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