Success4 Release Note Version 1.27.56_October_06_2023

Success4 Release Note Version 1.27.56

October 06, 2023


  1. We have introduced "New UI Color and Font changes" that are geared towards enhancing the visual design and readability of our application.

  1. Previously, there were restrictions on uploading PDFs in Asset/Notes, but now we can easily upload the PDF documents in both Asset/Notes.

New Feature:

  1. In the Email tab and Quick email feature using AI prompt, email composition can be enhanced by providing intelligent and context-aware content recommendations for more efficient communication.

  1. In the Account details page, we have added parent accounts and subaccounts navigation, ensuring seamless and consistent user experiences across all account levels.

Bug Fix:

  1. In Asset/notes, now we can easily save and navigate to those specific links.

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