Success4 Release Note Version 1.27.54_August_17_2023

Success4 Release Note Version 1.27.54

August 17, 2023

Bug Fix:

  1. The due date for the first action in the playbook is now taking an accurate date, and also, when enabling ‘Adjust the due date subsequently for the next actions', the next action end dates are changed according to the change in the first action end date.

  1. The custom attribute input field value is now visible when we are editing it.

  1. The issue with creating play and action under the email tab has been resolved.

  1. The current value in the KPI measured objective is showing correct values in the "Add Objective" section within the Success Plan.

New Feature:

  • Support Ticket
  1. Using this feature, tickets can be created and sent to the Success4 support team. Any update made by the support team gets reflected in this portal. It helps to keep track of all the tickets raised.

Please click on the link to understand how this feature works

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