1a. How to add a User?

1a. How to add a User?

Step-1: Click on the Admin portal from the top right corner drop-down.

Step-2:Select the User from the User & Teams Module in the Admin portal.

Step -3: Click the Invite User tab.

Step-4: Enter the email of the new user to invite and send.

Step-5: An email has been sent to the new user’s inbox.

Step -6: The user should click on the link to create a user account. Fill in the details to create an account and Proceed.

A new account gets created successfully.

Step -7: The user will be taken to the login page where the user should enter the email address, and password created.

Step -8: This takes the user to the User Portal.

Note: Multiple invites can’t be sent to the same email ID.

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