​1b. How to add/edit roles to the Users?

1b. How to add/edit roles to the Users?                                                                          

Step-1: Whenever a user is added he/she is assigned the default role of ‘Customer Success Manager’.

To edit roles, go to Admin Portal-->Select ‘User and Teams’ module -->Select ‘User’-->Choose the specific user(ex. ab cd)-->tap the ‘Edit’ icon.

Note: Make sure the member’s toggle switch is ON for the user to remain active.

Step-2: Use the checkboxes to select the desired roles for the specific

Step-3: Click ‘Save’ to update the user role.

Step-4: The User role gets updated.

Step-5: Use the checkbox to assign Read-only to any user.

Note: Primary CSM of any account cannot be assigned as a read-only user. Here user ‘abcd’ is a Primary CSM and cannot be assigned as a Read-only user.

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