Success4 Release Note Version 1.27.71_April_01_2024

Success4 Release Note Version 1.27.71

April 01, 2024

Bug Fix:

  1. Resolved an issue with text overlapping in custom attribute alignment, ensuring proper functionality.

  1. In the Accounts Module, there was an issue where the Primary CSM was automatically changed to Extended team members after reaching the defined user count. This issue has now been resolved.

  1. In the Contacts tab, the Filter option in the Address section effectively sorts and filters the data as needed.

  1. Using commas in the search field enables retrieval of desired values when multiple entries are present for a single field.

New Enhancement:

1.  In the Settings tab, Advanced Configuration has been implemented allowing customization for individual customers even for the system components.

  1. In the process of contact creation, a new option labeled "NA" has been added to the "Reports To" field. This allows contacts without assigned reporting to be marked as "NA".

  1. Implemented red color for KPIs with negative values to enhance visibility and clarity.

  1. When downloading the report, the names specified in the Data Mapping section will be displayed as column names in the downloaded report.

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